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Servicing your Car and Van in Wigan with PoolStock Clutch Center

At PoolStok Clutch Center, we offer Full Servicing for Cars, Vans and trucks at affordable prices. Our team of mechanics and technicians will advise you on your vehicle issues in an informative and friendly way.

Our garage is well equipped so you can be sure that our work is up to high quality. Your car will be inspected and maintained in accordance with our detailed maintenance program, using only OEM parts. Regardless of the level of service you choose, we always provide the best service.

What is a Service and why do i need a service?

A service is a vehicle inspection that keeps your car in a reliable, safe and fully functional condition in accordance with the law and with the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines.

PoolStock Clutch Center offers a range of affordable auto service packages to meet your needs. The maintenance of the vehicle is carried out by our highly trained technicians and mechanics. All works are guaranteed for a duration of 19,000 km or 12 months and you are guaranteed absolute security.

What is tested during the service?

Change of oil and filter:

The change of oil and filter is one of the most important components of a service and included in all services. This service helps your car reliably and increase fuel efficiency.

Basic or intermediate service:

The Basic or intermediate services are based on the previous level. Therefore, basic maintenance generally includes oil and filter changes, as well as a visual inspection. In general, however, for example, all important fluids that are part of the engine, for example, Brake fluid, antifreeze and steering fluid, and more there are 20 important components that will be checked.
PoolStock Clutch Center technicians also will check your brakes and vehicle manufacturer’s instructions and recommend extra work for your car if necessary.

Full service:

A full service generally includes all the basic services already described, as well as 10 to 25 additional components of the vehicle (compared to the basic service). Please note that as with basic services, additional charges apply if additional maintenance is required on your vehicle.

The main services:

The main maintenance includes everything related to the complete maintenance, but also the replacement of the spark plugs, the replacement of the fuel filters and some other service/wear parts recommended by the manufacturer. This does not include any repair or additional maintenance.

The main service will include:

  1. Oil and oil filter check and replacement
  2. Brake fluid check and top up
  3. Anti-Freeze check and top up
  4. Windscreen wash check and top up
  5. Full brake check
  6. Power steering fluid check and top up
  7. Shock check.
  8. Suspension check
  9. Light check
  10. Windscreen wipers check
  11. Alternator check
  12. Exhaust check
  13. Battery check
  14. Tyre tread and pressure check.

If your interested in having a Basic or Main service please call PoolStock Clutch Centre Today or Simply just come into our garage on PoolStock Lane, Wigan.


More Services

Gearbox Repairs

We strive to offer a high quality transmission repair service.


A damaged exhaust system can endanger you and your passengers and you may fail your MOT.

Car Recovery Services

We can also offer you a quick and reliable breakdown service. 

Happy Customers

Incredible service My bumper suffered some damage after hitting a curb, another mechanic quoted me in £890 to replace it, but in the PoolStock Clutch Center, i was quoted £50. They never tried to upcharge me on anything. 

Akash M.

My VW Golf broke yesterday due to overheating. The radiator was replaced and i had the oil changed. I picked it up today. The car works well. And got a 1 year warranty on the radiator. Good price/great service. Thank you

Liam B.

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