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Exhaust systems

Exhaust System Service Details

Although the combustion engine is a smart component, it can also be quite dangerous. Engines produce toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, and these dangerous gases can be toxic to us and to the environment.

The exhaust system is there to reduce toxic gases from the engine. However, if the exhaust system fails or does not work properly, these exhaust gases cannot be pumped away from the vehicle. A dangerous exhaust system can expose you and your passengers to health risk and also you will fail the MOT test. Visit PoolStock Clutch Center Wigan we offer a wide range of exhaust systems, from premium to budget for each pocket.
The catalysts converter are supplied and installed.

Why is the exhaust system important?

The exhaust systems ensure that a vehicle’s engine is working properly. They also prevent toxic fumes from entering the car. A powerful exhaust system provides the best possible fuel efficiency and reduces the harmful exhaust emissions that pollute the air. Other characteristics of an exhaust system include silencing the engine noise and reducing the temperature of the exhaust gases. Since cars can produce noxious gases when burning fuel, it is important to visit a Garage if you suspect there is a problem with your exhaust system. Visit the PoolStock Clutch Center to get a no-obligation quote.








Signal that your exhaust system is failing.

It is important that drivers know the signs of a fault system. The easiest way to determine if there is a problem is if your exhaust system emits a louder sound. This means that your exhaust system is leaking. Leaks usually occur when the flexible fabric of the exhaust system begins to oxidize. This is the most vulnerable part of your exhaust system. If you have noticed that your exhaust is louder then usual and you are worried about a leak, contact us today.

Problems with the exhaust system and the backbox.

The exhaust system and the backbox are some of the most important parts of your vehicle outside the engine. it is responsible for removing the gases that your engine emits during the combustion process. If you suspect there is a problem with your backbox or any component of your exhaust system, take your vehicle to PoolStock Clutch Center for one of our experienced technicians to review and repair the problem.

If your exhaust system needs to be replaced

An old or damaged exhaust system can affect engine performance, waste fuel and present a health hazard to you and the public. There are several problems that can lead to a suboptimal function in automobile exhaust systems. For best results, contact an experienced Mechanic at PoolStock Clutch Center if you have problems with your car exhaust. While some problems can be solved by repairing and replacing parts, others can only be solved by installing a new exhaust system.


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Steven took care of us immediately, treated us as family members and explained the whole process so that we knew exactly what to expect. The previous garage i went to quoted me 400 pounds for exhaust problems, Ste took a look and said that we only needed a simple repair, which cost only 60 pounds We are now clients for life. We are very grateful to have found the Garage.

Erin C.

These guys are honest, that’s the best quality you can find in a mechanic. I went to them for a TPMS replacement, their prices were better than in 2 other places where I got estimates. They explain things really well, Really professional. I recommend that you visit PoolStock Clutch Centre. Thank you

Thomas J.

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